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How to Authenticate Handbags - 7 Tips to Ensure a Great Purchase

Posted by Greg Levine on

Buying used luxury items is the best way to own premium brands while keeping your budget in check. Pre owned handbags are any woman’s dream come true as they make it possible to treat yourself with brands you never imagined you could buy.
However, like all good things, pre owned handbags come with a catch. Many unsuspecting buyers end up with fake handbags in place of the real ones that they pay for. It is therefore essential for every fashion loving woman to be able to authenticate handbags before making a purchase. Here’s how to go about it in 7 easy steps:
1. Check the Spelling on the handbag. Often, fake handbags omit or add a letter or two, making the name sound the same as the original label. Replicas of Chanel handbags are often sold as ‘Channel’ and Prada handbags as ‘Prado’.
2. Smell the bag. Most luxury handbags are made of leather and should smell ike it, even though they are used. Look out for smells of glue, rubber or other synthetic products.
3. Examine the handbag carefully. With the high prices of these handbags, a genuine product will not have any flaws in the stitching, seams, quilting or hardware. The material of these sturdy handbags simply does not discolor.
4. Check the inside as well as the outside. When shopping online, look for pictures showing the insides of the handbag. The insides should be equally high quality and all the hardware used similar to that on the outer side.
5. Look at the price. If the handbag is being sold at a throwaway price which seems too good to be true, it is probably not real. A Birkin, LV or a Chanel handbag will still sell for a considerable price even when it is pre owned.
6. Ensure that you shop from a reputed seller who has goodwill and reputation. Look at review from previous customers to decide whether the seller ir genuine or not.
7. The best way to ensure an authentic purchase is to look for proof of purchase. Most genuine sellers will give you the authenticity certificate that came along with the original purchase which should put your mind at ease.
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